Dear Colleagues,

We are honoured to invite you to attend WISTA AMERICAS 2018, the first regional event organized by Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, which will take place at Centro Naval, Room Almirante Brown, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 18-20 2018, and celebrate WISTA ARGENTINA 5th Anniversary. 

Buenos Aires is a blooming metropolitan centre with the type of diversity that WISTA embodies and encourages. Being well known not only for its beautiful touristic sights, but also for its people’s deep commitment to social politics, the country has hosted many international congresses, conferences and events.

We invite you to come and meet us for a few days of discussion, debate, and celebration. We want to learn from each other and create a meaningful frame for the assessment of the progress of the maritime industry, which is experiencing significant changes, which should be appraised to find us ready to face the industry´ challenges.

The program covers new trends and topics which will be addressed by speakers of international renown, and is focused on providing attendees with the chance to get immersed in discussions and debates which are being held by the international shipping community. Representatives of shipping companies, charterers, shipping agencies, traders, logistics operators, ship suppliers, insurance and ship brokers, lawyers, public administration and any other shipping related sector are welcome and expected to participate in our event.

The conference will also include social events, providing opportunities for networking, as we understand the importance of building up business relationships, sharing knowledge, experiences and mentoring.

Don’t miss the chance to take part in WISTA AMERICAS 2018, celebrate WISTA ARGENTINA 5th anniversary, and meet other WISTA NATIONAL Associations of the region, who will also attend.

We invite you to look at our commercial dossier and collaborate with the success of our gathering, either with a sponsorship or through your attendance. It will be very much appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,



Ma. Belen Espiñeira                                                                      Dafne Anghelidis

PRESIDENT                                                                                     SECRETARY

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